Friday, October 26, 2012

Yuki's Cafe

 Whoopy! After class I decided to go at Penelope's Cafe. 
Oh yes, my friend has her own lolita cafe! Isn't cute?
 Slouching at the colorful and soft interior sofa's. 
I really like the walls, its full of anime posters and the cafe is well lit.
You can feel the cuteness and sophistication.
 So this is the overview of the cafe.
The wall cupcakes are insanely cute!
From the decors and floorings, it perfectly fit the theme.
 Sorry Penelope for my odd behaviour at the cafe. 
The muffin is waiting to be tamed!
 Got to eat some cookies while no one is watching!
 A quick dress up of me and my friend. Stem punk is such a killer!
 Me looking around the cafe and craving for more soft chocolate cookies!
They are indeed heavenly!
 Capuccino frap and decora muffins are a must try at Yuki's Cafe.
 My friend Penelope having a chit chat with me while looking around her own cafe.
 Oh it's just me fooling around.
Say hello to Penelope and me at the counter to serve you!
Just joking! Okay I kinda fool around when there are no customers.
Invite your friends to dine and enjoy the service at Yuki's Cafe too.

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