Friday, October 26, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

As we all know its Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Taking away my comedic side, this is a serious topic specially for girls.
It is a precaution to see a doctor and get yourself check every 6 months.
Have a weekly or monthly therapy on your breasts, you can look for instructions
at the net or more accurate I suggest go see a professional.
Lingering around the clinic. I hope my curiosity will not damage anything here. Meh.
 Stop the filming now! The breast checking is censored. :p
 Me waving happily. Yes, I am wearing a breast cancer month jacket given by my med friends.
 Over the counter for my payment!
 The nurse at my back waits for me.
 Waiting for my turn to be checked. I love sitting at the floor sorry. Note that!
Weehee its my turn now! For all the women out there, don't be scared!
Go seek a doctor and check for your own health.
Trust me, its better to take care of yourselves.

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