Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cameo for Audition

So I have this cameo appearance for the movie clip I am auditioning.
I am really freakin nervous. My first time ever to do a cameo.
I guess they cut off the part where I am instructed to the actual script.
Whether I break it or nay, its actually alright. I mean being called means a LOT!

Lol. Notice they say "...she added some silly details on her audition paper..."
Haha. I drew  potatoes!

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A Portal Cut

 My day is not complete without jumping from portal to portal!
I roam around like woody runner this time. Spend time with friends
and a little out of this world adventure!
 No one encouraged me to sing so I topped the stage up with my disastrous voice!
They seem to enjoy it, I guess. Teehee.
 After school I hang out at a sorority house and this picture
explains all the emotions and impression on that place.
 Snoozing again at someone corner. 
OH stop me from doing this. Sorry can't help myself.
I love beds.
 Penelope's place. Dreamy and lolita themed!
 Super organized and pink shades are for the win!
 Cheking out my friends sewing machine and I have no idea how to use it.
Anyway I know you all noticed the print. It is really nice.
 We are all for laces and frills!
 ME at the background photobombing. Lol.
 Who on earth doesn't love dresses! Oh maybe you, okay. :p

 Chucking out my laughter at the soft carpet.
 Chit chat and otaku talk with Penelope.
 Oh so dreamy atmosphere here.
 After Penelopes place I moved on to this galactic corner.
 Oh yes, BIG fan of whomever did this.
 The walls and decor are so artsy fartsy. This is my type of wall.
 Bingo! Spot the cubies.
Overview of the awesome room.
 Is this a dream or reality? Galaxy theme is my style.
 BEST quote ever.
 I am not!
 Whoops, the cubies make me so happy!
 Checking out someone's fridge. Sorry, Aqua. Lol. 
I am a little out of my wits...for a minute.
 Punked with this prints.
 My dream room.
 Give Panda a huggy! Meanwhile at the ADOPTION Center, I feel so TALL.
Lol. It is so cute.
 Snoozing again.
 I freakin love her outfit. Plus the butterfly flying stuff.
You may not see it here but her legs are shining with glitters too. Lol.
I am not joking!
 Yes, I know, seems like I am at the convention center this time.
Welcome to the otaku side of the portal!
 I totally laughed at this pic like I was imagining she is telling me,
"You came to the wrong neighborhood." Hahaha can't handle it!
They are awesome.
Ended up sitting at the book. Neh.

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Instant Stack

 A collection of my instant picture stacks!
Nothing much but I would like you to know that 
my favorite filter is brownish!
 Can't get enough of this print!
 Whoopy someone from Ohh land.
 My favorite shot of me.
 Lol. Princess LSP is love. Go girl!
 Beemo being Beemo! Favorite jacket.
 At the store fooling around the crews.
 The untamed glass shoes because of its PRICE!
 Old school picture of me.
 How about a little gore with cat ears? Lol.
 My shoes of all time.
Bump to bump at the party! 

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Trying Out for Halloween

 Gore and blood is my game! Lol. It doesn't sound like me.
So me and the crew went out for costume hunting and afterwards do a little
photoshoot for HotTopic. I know, its all a BIG surprise they chose me!
 I tried hovering on fairy outfits at first but turned out to be a little decent for Halloween.
But they told me I can portray well since I have this ELFY ears. What a term guys!
 Costs more than a month of my allowance. I passed on this one and tried looking for
a cheaper but nice glass shoes.
Wondering around if there are more costumes I might like.
 The shoe fits. No joke! 
My shoe size is size 9 and I am so happy they have my size here.
 Posing... and then there go the laughs.
Riza told me I seem modeling for a boys magazine. Go, puke now.
 Lol. Snagging with Riza and the crew.
 What an epic face here. Go instagram it.... before its too late.
 My oldie school look. Pig tails are my favorite back then.
 And the photshoot begins for HotTopic with this awesome Adventure Time shirts.
 I hope I could bring home the necklace! I love it, it is so detailed.
 OMG like oh my glob! Marceline is one of my AT favorites. I am so HONORED to do this
photoshoot. The guitar is carved like there is no tomorrow!
 That Marceline look.
 A few rounds and they assisted me outside for some shots.
 There you go, the magic of Ohh land.
 Violet wig for Beemo jacket collection. I must say, the texture is pretty awesome.
Not too fit and not too loose. Top pick from my list. Go Beemo!
 As you can see I am painted and sprayed violet here. Yes, LSP!
It was a hard work for the theme and all the details cause the spray may loose out.
 The spray heat is actually HOT literally for a few shots. The lights are so hot the spray can
melt in a heartbeat!
 If I would be in Adventure Time, LSP will surely be one of my best buds. "Hey, girl...".
OH MY GLOB! That ends my awesome Adventure Time for now, hey girl!

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