Friday, October 26, 2012

Women's Basketball Club Photoshoot

 I don't want to brag here! Okay fine, I am chosen to be one of the representative of our women's
basketball association. I am honored to do this photoshoot with all my awkwardness!
 Flipping the ball like a pro. Thanks for Adidas shoes and shorts, they sponsored our school!
 Whops! Making some shots for the school paper cover.
 Lol! I don't know why I feel like laughing while I am doing this shoot, this is so NOT ME!
 Is this even the right pose? Oh I don't know let's all feel like a model for a day!
 Hahaha! I laugh out loud a LOT!
 Tired after some hundred of retakes!
 Ops! Instagram time. :D
 That look on me when I am hungry.
I am caught on the act again! Geez, anyways thanks for Riza for my cute earrings.

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