Friday, October 26, 2012

My Hair is My Glory

 So my friend recommended me Yumime's Salon for its great spa service.
I tried to check their services. Okay that me feeling loomy on instagram but funny things are
always on mind. :p
 Before the head washing regimen every salon has.
My hair look like a weary sad vegie here!
 As you can see, I do love florals.
Super obsess about it specially on shirt designs.
 Pew! Waiting at the wrong chair. Haha!
 Posters of models at the salon. The left model says, "Rawr!" to you.
 Prepping up like a duck!
Here we go hair galore!
 Someone stop filming while I look like a wet chick! Okay? Okay fine its useless.
 Can't believe you guys taken this photo of me!!!
 Checking out my apps and instagram.
 Blew it! Okay fine let's do the tango. Time to heat my hair.
 This should be posted on lukbook but I kinda feel so tired to compile it in one pic.
 Floral top which is hanging, it is comfortable and sheer free. Plus a little raven with my aligator printed skirt.
 Voila! So what do you think of my hair??? I feel so refreshed.
 Chatting with Positive Kingdom crew.
 I seem discussing something here teehee. I am just arranging my hair.
Obviously that hair trip is tiring because of all the teasing from the crew.
A cheers for my bottled water! I declare Yumime's Salon three stars for spa service!

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