Thursday, October 25, 2012

Her Name Is Noelle

Hallo there! I know I look like a snob on this pic but I am not!
I thought its a good idea to expose my I.D at school but I guess... not for now
or ever. Ha ha.

You can call me Noelle, my relatives call me Noe.
I love sharing my adventures and sometimes misadventures.
Oh and I do share my art resources and inspirations too
so if you are into art we can have a little collab or exchange of ideas.

Bah. That's all I can blog for now. This will serve as my personal punk diary.
This is not a true to life documentary but will soon be so thanks to
Positive Kingdom for my photoshoots and daily pictures I kinda feel
like a cast of The Hunger Games and reality shows now, only better. :p

So, yeah, watch out for my adventures!



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