Friday, October 26, 2012

A Loves Stroll Without A Lover

 Blargh! That's me at the Lover's Waterfall without a love. 
I am so pathetic, seriously I just want the aura of the place. Teehee.
 This balsa is so calming. The straw hat is itching. Haha.
 Fine, all the Positive Kingdom crew teases me. Lol and he didn't even talk to anyone.
Certified my cat crush!
 Lol its so cute. Argh can't handle the cuteness.
 Whatever I am doing here... he has no idea.
 AFK or what. Lol.
 Girls play around him like bees. 
What an appeal.
 Maybe I will serve as a musician since I am the only one here who is loveless.
Tried jumping to a party place.
 Welcome to the synchronized swimming team! 
Just joking, the party is so high we are dancing like a gang!
 Beat our moves girl!
The place is so fun and uplifting I suggest you go there as well.
That swag, haha. So much fun I enjoyed the night adventure!

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