Saturday, November 3, 2012

Change for the Better

 WARNING: Long post! Yeah that's a fair warning so watch out.
 It's been an Atlantic ages for me to post this cause I am switching characters. Lol. But yeah.
I am and I am enjoying it right away. And my handy tutorial resources are prepping up so gotcha
keep moving to the beat. This time I am into BIG trouble. Let's roll the freak on!
 I am in an OFFICE MEETING and look what I am doing. Speaking fo classy aye?
Someone should GTFO and its me. Lame, Meh.
 So here's the blessed office. It looks like a villa to me.
 Positive Kingdom and me. Yeah not much to talk on but we have plans to publish blog
posts from other PK friends here. Like this will be the main blog for all our adventures!
 Well everybody had this encounter. So sorry Evan I am kinda meek.
Boohoo. That park is full of CRAZY people and I will not add more detail. Lol.
 After some park walks I ended up stammering at the Tofu House again. Meeting some...
 Uber cute people like her. -blushes- Aww am so gay. Its all because she's so 'effin cute!
 For all 'ya know my skates are best and I am gonna give a round of applause for LESTAT for this
amazing creation and this is like my all time favorite shoes! Even though I am not in the skating rink. Lol.
 Transformation occurs at photo events and this one is surely a mess. But I hope you like the wig.
 Ok so how about turning it to a more Noelle side!
 Flash games before the shoot and party night.
 At the TURKISH room. They make a lot of parties.
 Eat, drink and be marry who knows! Argh my liver, please.
 So this is the photo shoot for the magazine and billboard woo hoo.
 Feels so candid but epic skater theme is my favorite.
 Bah. I look worst in here.
 Standee pose. Love it.
 At the color room and photo room meet my friend Ruairie.
 Freak on we have some badass over here. I am an elf and she is like, elf and a deer mix breed!
 But she's so sexy with my dress and stuff on. Blargh.
 So I ended up being a photographer with her. Lol!
At night we all go to the party. I am so freaking drunk that my elf race will betray me!
 Crashed at the party animals. And guess what there is so much DRAMA going on.
Like two people are actually fighting, yeah they are both lovers. Cut the story short.
Someone wants to reconcile and someone is enough.
 Beep. That's it. My slaughtered adventure because of its randomness.
 For your information she slapped me. And I am like, "What the hell did I do to you?"
and she is like, "Stay away from my boy!" Gah. I am not even the chatty type with boys.
 I ended up eating at the back of the party to stay away from freaks.

 Here's my friend Rua. Blah. Need to say more she is crazy as me.
 Watch out for her blog here cause the Positive Kingdom will be holding a major BREAK on all of
the members. Yipee!

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